Guilt Free Living with NLP & Time Line Therapy ®

Guilt Free Living with NLP & Time Line Therapy ®

Guilt Free Living with NLP & Time Line Therapy ®


Guilt was a problem for many people before they discovered how to get rid of it with NLP & Time Line Therapy ®. Guilt operates in the same way as any other negative emotion. According to Dr Paul Goodwin in “Foundation Theory,” repressed negative emotions can cause blockages in the neural pathways in the human body and therefore change the communication within the nervous system.

As human beings we have energy flowing through our bodies. However, guilt blocks that flow of energy in the circuit. Getting rid of guilt means that you make more energy available within your body so you can clearly experience it. 

Another essential point is that one of the key presuppositions of NLP which says that, at any given moment, every person does the best that they can with the resources that they have available to them at that time. Whether you are familiar with NLP or not. Think about it, everyone includes YOU. That means you can forgive yourself for all of your past actions. As long as you forgive yourself, you don't need to go to someone else who will forgive you.  So letting go of guilt is the process of making sure that you forgive yourself for all of your past actions.

Let's be honest, guilt for most people is about one of two things. It's either about things we haven't done that we should have or it's about things we have done too much of. Very often guilt is put on us unnecessarily or falsely by people or institutions who think we should have acted or behaved in a different way. Or you haven't lived up to their expectations. Feeling guilty is a conditioned response. That is, you are taught or programmed to feel guilt when someone judges you. That judgment could be about anything from what you do to how you dress or what you think. Guilt can also be used as a form of manipulation. It's often the case that just because your actions or behaviour doesn't fit with the other person's model of the world they accuse you of being wrong. Phrases like "you should" and "you should have" are an indicator that someone is attempting to induce guilt in you. Realise that some people play the game of trying to control another through using the emotion of guilt.

However, here's the good news. We have ALL made mistakes. That's life and this is how we learn in life.  But to stay rooted and stuck in that old mistake, prevents your progress in life because there's no learning in doing that and you don't develop anymore. And that is a waste of life. The moment you get your learning you're no longer at that sticking point. By getting the learnings, forgiving yourself you can then move on. That's the importance of getting the learnings, particularly in relation to guilt.

The truth is that guilt doesn't serve you because it will never prevent you from repeating the mistake again. You'll probably make a mistake and then feel guilty after the fact. You may even know people who think about doing something wrong, they berate themselves, they punish themselves and then feel guilty. But does it ever stop you.....probably not and all that happens is that you feel guilty.

So imagine now being in a position where you are able to learn something from events in your past, so that in the future you won't repeat the same mistake again. You learn something, you gain a new resource, you get the benefit of personal growth and development and you don't do the same thing again.....that would be the optimal way to live your life, wouldn't it?

Well now you can with NLP and Time Line Therapy® you can easily access your learnings and new resources so that you can fully enjoy guilt free living.

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