Trust Your Intuition 

Do you trust your intuition? How many times, in hindsight, have you said, “Oh, I knew I shouldn’t have done that!!”
How often have you heard a quiet voice in your mind say X but then you’ve talked yourself into doing Y......and then wondered why you did it!
Trusting your intuition means listening to that quiet voice, as it’s your inner wisdom, your personal guru who wants to help guide you and keep you on track. Whether it’s what you need to do, or what action to take or changes to be made in your life, your inner advisor is providing you with information all the time.

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide 

It’s true! Wherever you go, guess what, there you are! So many people run away from jobs they don’t like, from bosses they don’t get on with, from relationships that don’t seem to work, homes that don’t fit the bill. Some people take a vacation to “get away from it all” while others re-locate to another country on the other side of the planet because they believe it’s going to make them happier.

5 Principles For Success - NLP Coaching 

In terms of NLP Coaching these 5 Principles For Success are very useful. In fact for creating the mindset for success and achieving your goals these 5 Principles For Success are extremely useful! Let's take a look at what they are:

1. Know Your Outcome -

The truth is that not many people know what they want. There are lots of people out there that know what they don't want and you probably hear them telling you all the time. "I don't want another relationship like that one!" "I hope my new boss isn't the same as the last one!" "I don't want to put on weight again" The problem is they are focused on the wrong thing and the outcome isn't clearly defined. Instead you need to have a clearly defined, positive outcome in mind because without an outcome then you're not going anywhere.

2. Taking Action -