It’s Easy to Make An Excuse..... 

People talk a good game and you hear them tell you about all the things they are going to do, what they are going to achieve and it all sounds great.
Have you ever noticed that all too often, when you catch up with them, they often deliver plausible reasons (a.k.a excuses) why they haven’t done that yet or aren’t on track or haven’t even started on the project. And you know people like this! You don’t have to be a Coach or a Manager to appreciate this because friends and family can make excuses too. Viewing themselves as “victims of circumstance” the problem is they’ve given away their power to change. Instead of taking personal responsibility for creating a better life, they are living life by default.

What Does Cause People to Change? 

As we continue on this journey that we call life, things change for us as individuals. The question is what causes people to change? On the surface it appears to boil down to just two things:

The first thing is that something really, really good happens in life. For example the person gets into a relationship, falls in love and consequently life changes. Or the person gets a fantastic promotion at work, they earn heaps more cash and life changes. When people have experiences like this, life becomes so good that things can’t possibly stay as they were, they move forward and progress. They change.

The alternative is that instead of good stuff happening.....the person experiences not good stuff! Life becomes stressful, uncomfortable, painful, difficult and fraught with problems. The person wants to move away from the pain they are experiencing so they change something. They are forced by the discomfort of their problem(s) to change their life in some way.

Forgive and Forget You Say? 

We all make mistakes, we have all been mistaken. People are doing the best they can with the resources they have available.....some people have very few resources available, on whatever level that might be.

In hindsight, we sometimes feel we did the wrong thing or the choice we made appears to have bad consequences. It doesn’t make us a bad person or someone who can never be trusted again. If we learn from it then it wasn’t a mistake, it becomes a valuable life experience which means we can forgive ourselves or the situation and let it go.

Because unless you let it go, unless you forgive the situation and/or yourself, then you remain attached to it and therefore stuck in life. It’s when you arrive at the realisation that in fact the situation in over, it’s done....then you can move forward.