Is it Luck or is it Destiny? 

Is it Luck or is it Destiny?

Some people call it luck, some people call it coincidence or say it's synchronicity or a miracle, all of these describe the same phenomena that we recognise as taking place in our lives.

More and more people are paying attention to and understanding the occurrence of  coincidence in their lives and that in fact it has meaning. That chance meeting in the cafe, that conversation with the boss, the email that arrived in your inbox. These synchronicities that are a wonderful part of the unseen, intelligence that exists in nature, in the Universe, which creates the web we call Life.

When Bigger is Better - NLP 

When Bigger is Better - NLP

The truth is that for most people they live their lives tending to choose the path of least resistance, even though it's probably not very fulfilling. They look for the comfortable and easy situations but the problem with this chosen mode of living is that it doesn't allow the individual to learn and have access to their true personal development potential.

Personal transformation, does not happen while you seek refuge from the problems in your life.

NLP Technique - Perceptual Positions The Exercise 

NLP Technique - Perceptual Positions - The Exercise

In the last post we took a look at this NLP Technique Perceptual Positions. Perceptual Positions allows you to take a multi-dimensional view of a particular situation by gathering information from first, second and third position. So in this post let's run through how the Perceptual Positions pattern works so that you can use this NLP Technique.

Perceptual Positions - The Exercise

1. Decide on what context you are working. To start with it's recommended you choose something small, not the largest problem in your life and as you become more experienced at using the technique you can progress to larger and more significant issues.